“Dr. Railey is kind, caring, and compassionate. She listens to your concerns and takes her time adjusting you. She always makes sure you are not in pain but also keeps checking to see if the adjustments have helped. She also uses essential oils if need be and I think that just adds to the already great experience.”
-E. Chase

Takes Her Time Adjusting

“Dr. Railey is great at finding the source of my pain and adjusting it accordingly. I have been to chiropractors in the past that tell me they can’t adjust me because of my flexibility, but this isn’t the case with Dr. Railey. She goes above and beyond to make sure she can perform the adjustments that I need, even if it means taking the time to think of a different approach. She is also great with my 10 month old daughter, who giggles every time Dr. Railey adjusts her. Her caring nature and professionalism has earned her a family of lifetime patients.”
-D. Cernoia

Goes Above and Beyond

“Dr. Railey is very knowledgeable and very kind. I broke my back in multiple places and I am hesitant to let doctors mess with it but Dr. Railey inspires confidence and trust. She is helping me want to be more active and proactive in my healing, as well as guiding me towards what is best. I highly recommend her and I have a lot of experience with doctors.”
– J. Robertson

Inspires Confidence and Trust

“I am currently 8 months pregnant and have been receiving care here throughout my pregnancy to assist me with the back and hip pains that come along with it. Dr. Railey has been so very supportive throughout this entire process and is the reason I am able to remain active as my belly grows. Will definitely continue to see her for treatments postpartum.”
– H. Padilla

Care Throughout Pregnancy

“Communication is the key to all successes. A monthly alignment is as important as getting your teeth cleaned and an annual doctor’s visit. This type of Doctor keeps you aligned and feeling much better ALL OVER!”
– C. Taylor

Feeling Much Better ALL OVER

“Excellent chiropractic care! Dr. Railey is very talented at adjustments, therapy and helping to address a wide range of chiropractic needs. She takes the time needed to take care of her patients. I’d highly recommend her without reservation!”
-R. Parks

Excellent Chiropractic Care!