Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chiropractic safe for the mother-to-be?

Yes! Not only is it safe, its beneficial to both mom and baby. Women who undergo routine prenatal chiropractic care typically, have more enjoyable pregnancies, shorter labor times and less of a need for medical interventions. 


Is it Painful?

Not at all. There are many low force, gentle tequniques that Dr. Railey uses. Some patients have said that the only way they knew they were adjusted is because the feel better!


Does Dr. Railey only care for the needs of pregnant women?

No! Dr. Railey cares for the whole family. Newborns, siblings, dads, neighbors, friends, co-workers and grandparents are all welcome in Dr. Railey's pracitce. 


Babies get Adjusted?

Absolutely! Our Incline Mommas receive complimentary checkups on their newborns. Colic, constipation, allergies, reflux, nursing difficulties are often corrected with 1-2 visits to Dr. Railey. 

Congratulations on your Pregnancy!

 Specialized Prenatal care can enable you to experience the wonders of pregnancy and childbirth while reducing the chances of needing any medical interventions. 

If you are like a lot of women, you may have a lot of questions about safety of chiropractic care during pregnacy. Not only is it safe but it is highly beneficial to both mom and baby.

Did you know that it has been reported that women who receive prenatal chiropracit care have a 50% shorter labor?

Reports also show that the need for medical intervention during labor greatly decreases in women who have prenatal chiorpractic care. 

For women who are carrying a breech, posterior or transverse baby, specialized chiropractic care can help them to avoid an invasice cesarean section. 

A Chiropractor is the only doctor on the planet trained to correct any spinal and pelcic misalignments (we call these subluxations).

Only a handful of chiropractors are specially trained to care for the special needs of a pregnant woman. 

Our Doctor uses a specific and specialized technique to decresae strain on ligaments of the pelvis, round ligaments, and to realign the sacrum. These areas can potentially aggrivate or be the cause of  your low back, abdominal or pelvic pain during pregnancy.

Posture also plays a major role. As your baby and beautiful belly grows, the spine has a growing weight to handle. Adjustments allow for better nervous system communication. 

Feel free to contact our office for a free consultation with Dr. Railey. She is more than happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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