Car accidents occur frequenctly in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. Injuries can occur whether the collision was at high speed or just a minor fender bender. The injuries sustained during accidents may not appear to have caused any damage or pain until the next day. This is when severe aches and pain in the neck or back can set in. Headaches, numbness in the heands or legs, and difficulty turning your head or neck can also occur after an accident.


A major cause of pain after an accident comes from whiplash injuries. This occurs when your head is put into extreme extension and rapid flexion. Whiplash can cause strain/sprain injuries in the muscles and ligaments of the spine and result in severe neck pain. This is a result of soft tissue damage. 


Interesting fact, the most moveable object in the car is you! Seatbelts, head rests, and airbags are all safety features in your car. Although they keep your body in the car, they do not protect your head or neck from extreme neck extension upon impact, followed by rapid flexion. Airbags and head rests can also be points of impact for the freely moving parts of the body.


How can chiropractic help? Automobile injuries and whiplash can cause major neurological difficulties affecting you physically, mentally, and ultimately altering your quality of life. At Incline Chiropractic Colorado, we utilize therapies to help with the inital onset of pain in addition to the adjustments. We take extreme care to create an environment of health and healing, and we will not perform manual adjusments if we feel your body would not benefit from it.















Common symptoms Chiropractic helps with:


- Headache or Concussion                         - Neck Pain

- Whiplash                                                    - Dizziness & Vertigo

- Numbness or Tingling                              - Low Back & Hip Pain

- Jaw Pain                                                     - Mid-Back Pain                             


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